Commercial Land Clearing

We’ve Got The Team To Prepare Any Site You Need

Typical commercial land clearing contracts in Houston and the surrounding areas include: shopping centers, dealerships, apartments, sub divisions, malls, restaurants and preparing the land for re-sale opportunities.

Clearing commercial land is a lot more straight forward than residential property clearing. With commercial land clearing very few trees are left, usually just along property lines. Trees are knocked over with the stumps in tact, the timber is merchandised, and the debris is raked and piled. After the debris is out of the way we will blade the property to a smooth surface.

There are three main options of disposing of the debris on a commercial clearing job:

Load debris into roll-off containers/boxes

This is typically the most expensive option of commercial land clearing. This is done on the smaller jobs that are too small to do pit burning or debris grinding. Loading and hauling the debris into boxes are usually done at properties that are less than 2-4 acres.

Place debris into a grinder and haul off the chips

Grinding and hauling is usually done on jobs that are too big to load into boxes and haul it off site, but too small to pit burn. When we grind the debris it is turned into mulch and taken to plants for fuel for boilers or mulch yards instead of being wasted in a land fill.

Trench burn the debris

This is done on larger jobs that are away from high profile areas or other buildings or residential areas. In many areas, such as south of Houston, environmental regulations prohibit commercial burning.

Land clearing of commercial property is a big part of our business at Daniel Dean. Whether it is ½ acre, 5 acres, or 200 acres of land, we are set up for it.