Detention Pond Construction

What is a Detention Pond?

Detention ponds have become the industry standard for stormwater management. Both on commercial and residential properties throughout most of the US. They were originally designed to manage heavy rains for flood control. We still build them today because they do their job quite well.

Do You Need Detention Pond Construction?

In areas that are prone to flooding you could easily save yourself a lot of hassle. With our flat terrain and unpredictable rain, almost every area around Houston has or needs a detention pond. Not only are detention ponds cheaper than underground piping, but much more beautiful.

If you have rising water at any time during heavy rain, it would be good to consider a detention pond. Even as a precaution, they can save your property and others in the event of torrential rain. Here’s a good article on their effect of water control in Houston about Keith-Weiss Park.

Why Daniel Dean For Your Detention Pond Construction?

Improperly installed detention ponds can be a cause for serious alarm. Property damage and even worse flooding problems can arise from improperly installed ponds. You want someone with the know how and skill to get proper construction.

The special part about these ponds is that the rising water is supposed to go somewhere. Daniel Dean can assess your land for the right size pond. That way the chance of even torrential rain pouring back into the land in minimized.

Next, we need to know where the water is going to drain and how rapidly it should. Daniel will set you up with a perfect drain speed as well as a perfect outlet that is proper for you. On top of that, where ever the water goes, you want to make sure it isn’t just heading to damage other properties either.

If you’re ready to get ready with detention pond construction, thenĀ Contact Us to get a quote!