Ditch Regrading

What is Ditch Regrading?

You may have at some point seen construction crews digging into ditches with large machinery. In addition to that they are using this machine in a process called Ditch Regrading. Furthermore, regrading can save you thousands. Proper drainage is essential.

Regrading is the process of grading for raising or lowering the levels of land. Ditch Regrading can be done on a small scale so a single yard or it can be done on a large scale. Almost always in the case of neighborhoods or cities. Regrading is typically performed to make land more flat. Also in order to be able to actually work on steeper slopes.

Your ditches may or may not have already been regraded. This could be handled by your neighborhood or city. Our team works with many neighborhood associations and city planners. We can help you too!

Why Do I Need Ditch Regrading?

Reasons for regrading include:

  • Enabling construction on lands that were previously too varied and/or steeply sloped.
  • Enabling transportation along routes that were previously too varied or steep.
  • Changing drainage patterns therefore rerouting surface flow.
  • Improving the stability of terrain adjacent to developments.


Regrading ditches is usually used to prevent flooding. We flatten out the steeper angles. This is so that water flows easily. Debris or trash causes far less trouble then. Rather than risk future flooding, regrading can be easily performed by us.

Why Do I Need Daniel Dean To Complete This Project For Me?

As with any construction job, an inexperienced crew can lead to even more problems than solutions. Luckily we have over 30 years of experience. Daniel Dean takes the utmost pride in his work so you get the most. He’ll make sure that the job gets done right.

Improper grading can lead to further issues in the future. Don’t take the risk. Our team is properly trained to handle the job. That’s a winning option in our books. You get the most and don’t have to worry.

Furthermore proper procedures are always used to protect your investment. We make sure to assess any and all risks to prevent any mishaps during regrading. Regrading can be dangerous. Safety is our main goal.

Potential problems and consequences from regrading include:

  • Soil and/or slope instability.
  • Terrain prone to erosion.
  • Ecological impacts, habitat destruction, terrestrial and/or aquatic biological losses.
  • Drainage problems (surface and/or subsurface flow) for areas not considered in the regrading plan.
  • Loss of aesthetic natural landscape topography and/or historical cultural landscapes.

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