Driveway & Road Construction

Your Personal Driveway & Road Construction Team!

 A well-built base, or foundation, is the most important thing to building a good driveway or private road.

Do you have a specific type of driveway in mind when you envision your new home? Maybe you need a bigger driveway to fit your childs new car? Maybe you need roadways built on your property to make transport or commuting easier for your daily life? Driveway & Road Construction does not have to be a hassle at all. With our highly trained employees here at Daniel Dean coupled with over 30 years of experience we make sure that your installation is as smooth and painless as we know it can be. Here are some things that we think you might enjoy about your installation:


Driveway & Road Construction at the same time as the house pad has several advantages:

  • The trucks are bringing the same materials anyway
  • The bulldozer and equipment is already set up on site and there are no extra mobilization costs
  • The trucks rolling in and out compacts the dirt

If a good base material is used, you can pour concrete or lay asphalt on top at a more convenient time. Options for a good base of crushed material include:

  • Concrete
  • Limestone
  • Asphalt
  • Granite
  • Iron ore

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