Above Ground Storm Drainage

Why Above Ground Storm Drainage?

An above ground storm drainage system or storm sewer is designed to drain excess rain and ground water. Therefore they protect from impervious surfaces from flooding.

Storm drains  vary in design from small residential dry wells to large municipal systems. They are fed by street gutters on most motorways, freeways and other busy roads. Also towns in areas which experience heavy rainfall, flooding and coastal towns which experience regular storms.

Many storm drainage systems are designed to drain the storm water into rivers. Above ground storm drainage therefore controls and directs massive amounts of excess water at one time. Most noteworthy, it protects nearby areas from flooding.

Why Above and Not Below?

First of all, you can save thousands. The drainage take much less time because only above ground changes are made. Rather than install unnecessary pipes, just have the drainage you need installed.

Above ground drainage systems are cheaper and easier to install. Almost all storm drainage is installed without having to dig up too much ground. This is also because they utilize different things. They include waste traps and other collectors that wouldn’t be necessary for below ground operations or installation.

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Drainage Expertise Beyond Belief

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