Bore Testing

Looking For Houston Bore Testing?

Boring is drilling a hole, tunnel, or well in the earth. So unlike drilling in other materials, our goal is to understand the ground. Almost all bore testing helps save site pad development. It can make and save you thousands.

This may be done for prospecting to spot and quantify an ore body for mining. In addition it helps in determining the type of foundations needed for a building or raised structure. Also for underground structures.

Most of all tunnels and deep basements where an understanding of the ground is vital to determining how to excavate and the support philosophy. Drilling is also used in vertical and inclined shaft construction.

houston bore testing land workWhy Houston Bore Testing?

Boring is used for a various applications in geology. Almost all earth sciences utilize it. This includes agriculture, hydrology, civil engineering, and mineral exploration. Today, most earth drilling serves one of the following purposes:

  • Return samples of the soil and/or rock through which the drill passesHouston bore testing
  • Access rocks from which material can be extracted
  • Access rocks which can then be measured
  • Provide access to rock for purposes of providing engineering support

In addition to helping test the soil, bore testing provides great insight. Your land could be hazardous or mineral rich. Take the time to have the testing so you don’t end up missing out. Testing helps protect you and your land.

This includes underground structures. It also includes tunnels and deep basements. That is where an understanding of the ground is vital to determining how to excavate. That ensures the construction crews as well.

Due to the variety of Texas soils, bore testing is essential. Let us lend a hand. Contact Daniel Dean today!