The Foundation of Your Foundation

Soil is a one of the most important factors in your build site. When you’ve got loose soil or silty sediment, the area is almost guaranteed to be useless for development. I’m talking future land erosion, shifting slabs, and an unnecessary hole in the head worth of repairs. Daniel Dean is the first choice residential houston soil workin Houston soil work.  We here at Dean Land Clearing and Dirt Work are the experts you need. We can help you prepare your land for any purpose and know exactly what to do with any Texas dirt. There are several different types of soil to know about too, and which ones you want and do not.

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Does Soil Change That Much?

Texas soil is not just one thing. Depending on where you are, you could have an entirely different firmament than someplace else in the state. Not only is it a big place, but it covers a lot of land and several different climates. That means you end up with countless tensile strengths and all types of dirt, silt, rock, and much more. Daniel Dean’s dirt work ensures that you have the right soil for your area. Be it site pad, drainage, creek, pond, or road, we’ve got the know how and experience for all Houston soil work and more!

The Best In Houston Soil Work

Starting with the topsoil, many times your build site could be stuck with loose, silt-like dirt that just isn’t right for a long term building investment. Truth be told, you actually want a three tier soil development.

  • Start with a strong think soil bottom layer that won’t shift much over time.
  • Next, your gonna want a medium grade sand level that can easily absorb heavy water and helps with the vegetation you want.
  • Last, you can go with a clean screened topsoil or more commonly used, a clean bank soil.houston-soil-company-dirt-work

The Importance of Soil Bankinghouston-soil-work-delivery

When you have a build site developed to put a residential or commercial site pad on, the banking is a major factor in the protection of your investment. Generally, it is advised to implement about a 12 inch banking grade on the outside of the pad. This will ensure that the soil has a proper amount of depth to sink and still maintain correct water flow away from the building. If you have a standard 12 inch slab installed for your home or building, that means an even greater 24 inch protection wall from water damages. That’s an incredible protection for your property!