Tree Removal

Why Hire Us For Houston Tree Removal?

Just about every Texas homeowner has at least one or more tree in their yard, most bigger homes having many multiples of trees. Most Texas homeowners even have a number of different varieties of trees on their property. At some point, these trees will need to maintained and cared for. By working in the tree removal service industry with over 30 years of experience, we have been able to accumulate the most common reasons why anyone with multiple trees would want to consider maintenance or removal.


1. Tree Has Dead Branches

Dead branches can be hazardous to your trees, power lines and even your home.  Dead wood is a favorite treat of many insects. A dead branch can host up to hundreds of insects and serve as a breeding ground into other areas of your yard and home.  Dead branches can also become infected. The infection could then spread throughout the tree, killing the tree and requiring that the tree be removed entirely which if not maintained prior too can cost alot. Infection could also spread to other trees in your yard.  Trimming these dead branches prevents infestations and infections.

2. Tree Branches That Are a Nuisance

When a tree’s branches become too long, it’s time for tree trimming. A tree needs to be trimmed if you are unable to walk around the tree’s trunk. tree branches can cause all sorts of problems by rubbing against roofing or the sides of houses and can be a hazard for windows as well during times of high wind. This can cause unsightly damage to your home by scratching and wearing away.

These limbs can also cause unsightly damage to gutters and drains. you should trim your trees so that you can walk under them and keep them clear from driveways. If a tree’s branches are hanging over your driveway, they can damage your car during a severe storm and high winds.  It is very important to take care of these problems as soon as you notice them by hiring someone who has the experience to handle the job swiftly and painlessly. Severe weather and strong winds are common in Texas and could happen at any time during the year.

3. Tree Blocks Sunshine from Your Yard

Texas gets plenty of sunshine. If your trees are preventing the sunlight from reaching the ground, your grass and flowerbeds will suffer. Your trees should provide some shade and relief from the hot Texas sun, but some light should still reach the ground. If you cannot see sunshine when you look at your tree’s canopy, then you might have a problem. Proper Houston tree removal can allow the right amount of light to travel to produce correct levels of growth for your property. This will improve the look of your home or business as well as help prevent soil erosion.