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Land Grading

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What Exactly Is Land Grading?

When land is unlevel, either high or low spots, you need to move the dirt into the right positions. This can include new dirt or even dirt removal. Leveling the land isn’t the only purpose of land grading though.

For open drainage this can mean adding specific slopes to the land. Outside of your home should be graded so that water flows away from it. Ditches slope inward so that water gathers in them. There are several reasons that you could need land grading anywhere in Texas.

Final Grading For Construction

For a residential or commercial site pad, you need the land graded correctly before construction begins. Daniel Dean takes the time to test the level of your ground, it’s drainage areas and the quality of your soil.

Your property┬áneeds more than flat land to begin construction. The base of the building will need a solid foundation. The soil that you’re going to be building on needs to be ready to stand up to the weight and the elements.

On top of that, a good site pad needs grading around the edges to ensure proper drainage. If water ends up pooling underneath your slab, it won’t be long until you’re facing a serious erosion problem. That why attention to soil density and dispersion can save you thousands down the road.

If you need grading for site pad construction, drainage and more, give Dean Land Clearing and Dirt Work a call today! You can reach us any time at (281) 356-3326 for a free and honest quote on your land.

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