Property Drainage

Runoff or Property Drainage Problems?

Fixing property drainage problems is a Dean Land Clearing specialty…around your house, driveway or pasture. We can fix it.

Property Drainage

You should always consider which way the water flows on your property. So find out what your options are to work with. Every situation is different. Dean Land Clearing has the experience to provide a lasting property drainage solution.

Poorly done property drainage can make your home vulnerable to several serious health and safety problems. This can also lead to financial issues. Due to bad placement, you could end up with larger problems.

Usually, the placement of a house is limited to a couple of locations on your property. Most of the time typically in the center of the property. You’ll want this to be 100 – to 200 feet from the frontage (depending upon the size of the tract).

Placement Makes A Major Difference

The topography of your property doesn’t always work in harmony with the location of your home. Often your home placement will interfere with the natural water flow through your property. So when the site pad is developed be cautious.

Additionally, driveways often act as a dam, restricting water flow because the drive is typically much longer than the depth or width of a house. Sometimes, a culvert under the drive may be necessary, or the driveway may need to be designed to be a low water crossing.

It is best to plan drainage prior to construction, but Dean Land Clearing can also rework your drainage for existing properties — big or small. Creating property swales and getting your property to drain efficiently is a specialty at Dean Land Clearing.

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