Residential Site Pads

What Are Residential Site Pads?

Residential Site Pads are the space on your property where you would like to build your home, your garage, shop or structure. This is done by removing the underbrush, trees & stumps. Next we remove 5″-6″ of top soil, imported select fill, then spread, rolled & compacted the new soil to a 95% compaction rating. This is at least 7 inches, above the highest elevated natural point touching the pad. (to keep water from collecting around or entering your home.)


Why Use Daniel Dean?

Dean Land Clearing builds residential site pads for your home or office. Because by our reputation, a solidly compacted area will not shift once construction has been completed. The pad and experienced grading operator is one of the most important factors in acquiring quality. Residential site pads are for your home or office. Cutting corners to save money on site preparation and pad construction will most certainly haunt you.

If a builder begins construction and deems the site/pad construction inadequate, it will delay your project and become an unplanned expense. Poor site/pad construction undetected, will cause settling, which will result in erosion and possible flooding. That puts you at risk for losing thousands of dollars down the line.

A Few Things That Go Into Residential Site Pads:

residential site pads houston texasLand Clearing And Remove Stumps: It is important for all of the stumps and vegetation to be removed from under your slab. These “root balls” will eventually decompose and create a void under your slab, compromising the structural integrity of your house.

Deep RakingDeep Raking: The area is deep raked to remove organics. 5″ to 6″ of topsoil is removed .

residential site pad  Compacting – The Soil is then spread, rolled & compacted. The new soil will have a 95% compaction rating at least 7 inches, above the highest elevated natural point touching the pad.