Rock Filter Dams

What Are Rock Filter Dams?

Rock Filter Dams are a massive artificial dam. So typically they are created by the placement and compaction of a complex semi-plastic mound of various compositions. This includes soil, sand, clay and rock. It has a semi-pervious waterproof natural covering for its surface and a dense and also impervious core.

This makes such a dam impervious to surface or seepage erosion. Such a dam is composed of fragmented independent material particles. The friction and interaction of particles binds the particles together into a stable mass rather than by the use of a cementing substance.

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Safety is a big concern when it comes to Rock Filtered Dams. The building of a dam and the filling of the reservoir behind it places a new weight on the floor and sides of a valley. The stress of the water increases linearly with its depth.

Water also pushes against the upstream face of the dam. Furthermore a nonrigid structure that under stress behaves semi-plastically causes greater need for adjustment. This is often near the base of the dam than at shallower water levels. Thus the stress level of the dam must be calculated in advance of building to ensure that its break level threshold is not exceeded.

Overtopping or overflow of an embankment dam beyond its spillway capacity will cause its eventual failure. The erosion of the dam’s material by overtopping runoff will remove masses of material whose weight holds the dam in place and against the hydraulic forces acting to move the dam. Even a small sustained overtopping flow can remove thousands of tons of overburden soil from the mass of the dam within hours. Which is why you should only trust Daniel Dean for the job.

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