Storm Drainage

The Importance Of  A Proper Storm Drainage System

Defining Drainage

When contractors talk about storm drainage issues, they are normally talking about problems they see that could affect landscaping.

Houston homeowners know, whether they’ve had property damage in Hurricane Ike or been the victims of recent Houston flooding, that water is the number one enemy of homes.

Water damage can cause major problems and even more major headaches. The worst part about it is that you sometimes can’t see that you have a problem until it’s too late. Maybe you had a leak in your roof that wasn’t discovered until your roof caved in? That’s why it’s utterly important to have a proper storm drainage system that keeps water from building up.

Not Convinced? Here Are Some Of The Things Stagnant Water Can Cause:

Unstable Foundation

Without proper drainage, water from storms and runoff will travel to the lowest part of your home. With proper grading this should be an area in your yard. Over time though, your slab will sink and become the lowest point. This can cause cracks and stress in the foundation even leading to the collapse of the house if not redirected by a proper storm drainage system.

Termiteshouston storm drainage

Believe it or not termites can be a real problem without a proper storm drainage system. The Termites are actually attracted to the moisture inside of the foundation which can cause serious structure damage if not prevented. If water levels rise even near the lip of your slab, moisture can start to collect in the structure. This is bad news and can lead to more than termites.


There are many major problems that can arise from having moisture in the home due to heavy rains and poor drainage. Mold can grow after a flood or having stagnant water sit over time. The moisture then collects in pockets from not being noticed in the building.  Mold can become a serious problem as some can be extremely hazardous to your health.


Some of the more minor issues related to improper drainage on your property can result in superficial problems as well. Lawn fungus becomes an unsightly nuisance from the perfect combination of lack of airflow and stagnant water. You start to see those lovely brown fungi start to develop all over your property.